Women are naturally beautiful

Some net friends will ask me: what kind of woman do you like? What do you admire a woman? In fact, it should be said that this is a question that does not have a standard answer. Hundred people read, turnip greens, all have love. Women's body, appearance, ability, financial resources, family, personality, may be possible. But in reality, to find a set of all kinds of advantages in a perfect woman out, it is a bit too ridiculous. Since ancient times, men dream of the good wife should be "out of court hall into the kitchen, the pretty and intelligent woman Trip to Hong Kong & China.
Man from nature, development in nature, of course, I prefer the natural beauty of a woman. A woman picking wild flowers in a mountain and a woman in a dark bar, I appreciate the former. The former is picturesque, like a pair of beautiful picture scroll paintings freehand with warm and Reiki, picking wild flowers is the woman is the painting of the scenery.
Can reflect the woman's natural simplicity, can reflect the elegant woman, can reflect a woman's dignified, can better reflect the health of the woman. Women should have a natural atmosphere to attract men's love. So for some jewelry and makeup woman, ten men and nine. It is said that a Fujian female boss, stretched out ten fingers, each finger is shining ring, actually also toe rings, give people the feeling is too vulgar, vulgar to direct its cultural level low, afraid of people do not know how much she rich, really afraid of one day she was kidnapped, also don't know how people stare at her Hong Kong travel tips.
Seen another peer, the elegant pale Ru, open class but wipe in the cheeks foundation. In class, the sweat from his face to break through the layers of defense to break down by the Department, with a dry riverbed, left the Yellow River, right across the Yangtze River, missing people think she is a great geographer.
I do not appreciate women shaved eyebrows naturally, to two blue tattoo. I don't appreciate a woman cut her eyelids cut into dull Danfeng, eyelid surgery. In chemistry, the second acid can be bleached, sulfur dioxide can also be bleached, but if the mixed use of the two, only the production of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, no bleaching effect. Therefore, I do not appreciate cosmetics mixed use of women, because in the five meters away. I can smell a chemical reaction produced by the sour.
I appreciate the woman, it is best to always elegant and moving, and culture, and knowledge, there is taste, there is love. I appreciate the woman, it is best to have elegant temperament, have the habit of reading, there is a sense of humor, there is an independent personality. I admire the woman, sincere, sincere, sincere, true, true, true. To understand education, to understand, to be tolerant, to be grateful. They are a song poem, is a very touching song epic, a verse flowing blurred love story of innumerable twists and turns,; they a song, is a branch of sad melodious songs, melodious melody slide with pale blue blue, covered with thick tragic color, but also a series a frenzy of interest, they are a dream, is a colorful, lustrous and dazzling dream, nightmare flow in a charming legend Hong Kong Sightseeing.
Of course, no woman is perfect in every respect, when you happily put a woman holding a red carpet, this woman is probably some touching quality can make you feel appreciated and cherished. Therefore, to marry home, is the best.
Let the growth in nature of the women, show your natural beauty in nature, has become one of the most beautiful scenery line!